Have you ever considered the possibility of a Yacht Charter Corporate Event?

No matter what industry you are in, the world of business is a cutthroat one. Regardless of what you’re doing or who you’re dealing with at that moment, there is the desire to always be the best in your particular industry or niche. And irrelevant of how big or small your business is, there is one instance where this need to be the best is combined with the desire to dazzle and impress. So when is this you ask? Why during corporate events of course!

This holds true whether you are hosting an event for staff, clients and suppliers, or both. If you’ve ever attended or hosted corporate events before, then you know that the venue can make all the difference in whether the event is a dismal failure or a blinding success. When it comes to corporate events, nothing is more dazzling and impressive than a luxury corporate event yacht complete with an accommodating crew, top quality catering and a surprising range of event facilities.

In fact, a corporate event yacht charter like the Adventuress has a number of surprising benefits with the potential to deliver immeasurable results. To give you an idea of how wise a decision it is to choose a luxury yacht as your next corporate event venue, here is a list of some of the best benefits:

The venue alone is incredibly unique

Whether it is a product launch, an awards ceremony for clients or staff, a large business conference or a small but important business meeting – when there is something to celebrate the formula generally remains the same. Michelin starred catering, extravagant decorations, lavish settings and intriguing entertainment. Unfortunately, even with unique event venues, it’s all been done before.

But the understated elegance of a luxury charter yacht requires no dressing up to be impressive. The experience alone is so unique that your event will be remembered for a lifetime. The warmth of a beautiful teak interior with the spectacular backdrops of the ocean on all sides make the Adventuress a fantastic platform to impress both existing and potential clients, and boost employee morale.

It is the most flexible of corporate event venues

Corporate events include things like retirement parties, annual functions, product launches, meetings and seminars, staff incentives, team building, and even corporate hospitality such as accommodations for VIP guests. Unlike most corporate venues, the range of events you could host onboard a luxury yacht charter is limited only by your imagination.

Just to give you an idea, if you were to charter the Adventuress for 24 hours you could begin with a casual staff party that doubles as team building, hold a formal sunset cocktail party cruise for customers and suppliers, then host a select group of VIP guests onboard overnight. The 24 hours can end with an elegant breakfast prepared by a distinguished chef before heading to another event

Corporate luxury yachts are a blend of business and pleasure

The understated elegance of a corporate luxury yacht is the perfect setting for hosting corporate events designed to help you achieve your business goals. It also has the added benefit of providing a uniquely informal setting that doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of comfort and provides complete privacy. Basically, it’s a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that offers the perfect balance between business and pleasure.

The intimate setting of a charter yacht provides the perfect opportunity to build relationships with clients, suppliers and employees away from the stresses and pressures of the office. At the same time, an experienced and discrete corporate event charter crew makes sure everything runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on the business at hand without distraction.

The range of amenities is staggering

Luxury charter yachts can offer a surprising array of features to accommodate almost any requirements you might have. This includes things like an open alfresco style dining area and entertainment area (the main salon) and possibly smaller more intimate closed in areas. These can double as conference rooms or
formal meeting spaces.

All private charter luxury yachts will have some form of communication equipment on board, which can include Wi-Fi that offers internet access and an onboard telephone. Some luxury yachts such as the Adventuress also offer satellite TV, often with a USB connection that allows guests to use the TV screen for business presentations.

There are, of course, always a number of water-toys for guests to enjoy. Any that a corporate charter yacht doesn’t have can be hired at your request. While the Adventuress is a luxury sailing catamaran with a wide beam that offers a surprising amount of space, there are also two powerful engines, meaning your day of business fun is not at the mercy of the wind!

A floating palace of corporate entertainment

Most luxury charter yachts feature an onboard bar that allows you to have your guests’ favorite beverages on hand, sometimes accompanied by the services of a mixologist. The Adventuress also features a 52 bottle wine cooler and the option of a professional sommelier. Your guests can sample the best vintages while they enjoy a range first class cuisine prepared by distinguished chefs.

While the opportunity to get front row seats to events like the prestigious SDYC Yachting Cup or the San Diego leg of the Extreme Sailing Series™, an onboard satellite TV, a fantastic selection of water-toys and a variety of both offshore and onshore activities provides plenty of entertainment, hosts can also choose to provide live music from quality entertainers provided by the Adventuress or live entertainers of their

At the end of the day

Product launches and major milestone celebrations get the benefit of an original setting that is impressive and memorable. Important business meetings get the benefit of complete privacy and a distraction free environment. No matter the purpose of your event, guests will leave feeling highly valued and truly rewarded by the luxurious setting, top quality catering and attentive crew.

So whether you opt for a static charter, meaning the Adventuress stays moored in the marina for the duration of your event, or a multi-day excursion to one of several beautiful destinations; whether your event is designed to be casual and fun, or you’re simply looking for an elegant and relaxing setting – a luxury corporate charter yacht like the Adventuress Luxury Catamaran is the ideal venue.