We work with several award-winning caterers

We work with several award-winning caterers to ensure that the quality and presentation of the food matches the elegant ambiance of the yacht. 

If you would like to bring your own catering, the cleanup fee is:
2-12 guests: $75
12-30 guests: $125

If you need to arrive at the Adventuress more than 30 minute prior to the start of the charter to setup/prep,
then additional setup/prep time will be billed in 15 minute increments.


We are currently requiring guests to wear masks inside our interior main salon.

Morning Beverage Service

Open Bar
Coffee/Tea/Juices/Water/Sodas: $3.50 p/person p/hour + taxes
Mimosas/Champagne/Coffee/Tea/Juices/Water/Sodas: $6.00 p/person p/hour + taxes
Bloody Marys/Mimosas/Champagne/Coffee/Tea/Juices/Water/Sodas: $7.00 p/person p/hour + taxes

Standard Beverage Service*

Option 1:

Open Bar
Water/Sodas: complimentary
Beer/Wine/Water/Sodas: $8 p/person p/hour + taxes
Microbrews/Wine/White Claw: $10 p/person p/hour + taxes
Beer/Wine/Mixed Drinks/Water/Sodas: $12 p/person p/hour + taxes

Premium Beverage Service: $17 p/person p/hour + taxes
Premium Wine and Sommelier Services are available upon request.

Sommelier Services are available upon request.

Option 2:

By Consumption or Cash Bar
With this option, we will keep a tally of drinks served throughout the charter.
Beer: $5 ea.
Wine, bottle: $25 ea.
Microbrew (optional): $7 ea.
Whiteclaw (optional): $7 ea.
Mixed Drink (optional): $10 ea.

Premium Wine, bottle: $45 ea.
Premium Mixed Drink (optional): $14 ea. + Taxes

If you would like to bring your own beer/wine/water/soda only, the corkage fee is:
Groups up to 12 guests: $75
12-30 guests: $125

Please note that we do not allow guests to bring hard alcohol on board.

*Please note that for charters longer than 2 hours, we only serve liquor for up to 2 hours.

*Please note that if you are enjoying our anchor & play option, for the safety of you and your guests, we do not allow guests to drink hard alcohol prior to or while guests are in the water.

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The Adventuress is conveniently docked at the Cabrillo Isle Marina (1450 Harbor Island Drive San Diego, CA 92101) across from the San Diego airport and behind the Sheraton Hotel & Resort. Remote pickup/drop off at various docks throughout San Diego Bay is available upon request. Please note that additional delivery/dockage fees will apply.