Dolphin & Whale Watching in San Diego

San Diego has become world renowned for its year-round whale and dolphin watching.

Enjoy a private whale and dolphin watching excursion on board the Adventuress, a 60’ luxury catamaran. Whether under sail or under power (twin 200HP engines), the Adventuress is incredibly stable making for a comfortable and relaxing offshore experience. The Adventuress offers the best of both worlds, a private luxury sailing experience combined with the up close and personal experience that only a catamaran can provide.

On board the Adventuress, your seasoned and knowledgeable Captain will serve as your on-board naturalist and guide.

San Diego has become world renowned for its year-round whale and dolphin watching.

GRAY WHALE & DOLPHIN WATCHING (Mid December – early April)
RECOMMEND 3 – 4+ hours

Each Winter and Spring, roughly 20,000 Gray Whales migrate from the Bering Sea north of Alaska to the lagoons in Baja California (where the females give birth to their calves) and back. Their migration route brings Gray Whales close to the San Diego coastline affording great sights throughout the Winter.

BLUE WHALE WATCHING (Mid June – October)
RECOMMEND 4+ hours

Summer and early Fall is when Blue Whales, the largest mammal on Earth, migrate to our local waters to feed on an abundance of krill. These gentle giants are being seen in increasing numbers offshore San Diego.


For dolphin lovers, large pods can be seen all year offshore San Diego.
Pacific White-sided and Bottlenose dolphin are frequently sighted, along with the extremely gregarious and inquisitive Long-beaked and Short-beaked Common Dolphins who often love to playfully swim along our hulls.

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The Adventuress is conveniently docked at the Cabrillo Isle Marina (1450 Harbor Island Drive San Diego, CA 92101) across from the San Diego airport and behind the Sheraton Hotel & Resort. Remote pickup/drop off at various docks throughout San Diego Bay is available upon request. Please note that additional delivery/dockage fees will apply.