You have waited all your life. Now the time is finally here to start planning your perfect wedding. You want stunning locations and a bit of romance, of course, so you have decided to consider a luxury San Diego yacht wedding. Now for the planning. Here are some things you absolutely must consider as you organize your shipboard wedding.


Weddings can be notoriously expensive! You may have been dreaming of the perfect wedding since the second grade. But now that the time has finally arrived, it can be difficult to turn that dream into an affordable reality. Having a shipboard wedding can be the perfect solution! Rather than hiring out each different aspect of your land based wedding to different vendors, a San Diego Catamaran wedding enables you to create the ideal wedding all in one package.

Guests can enjoy both a ceremony and a reception in one location and yet still have the option of varied backdrops. Shipboard weddings also generally have the option to either select a complete wedding package or create a customized package. In either case, because most arrangements are being made through one experienced source, you are likely to get the best deals possible.


The beauty of having your wedding at sea is that you can choose your view. What other wedding venue option lets you move? The choice of San Diego Bay or different ocean destinations is up to you. However, there are a few things to consider when selecting your shipboard wedding itinerary.

You might want to consider how rough the water could be in your chosen location. No one wants to say “I Do” while struggling to stay upright! You should also consider the kind of backdrops you will want to see in your pictures. And make sure you work together with your vessel captain to ensure the timing in each location is reasonable!


While it may have been the case once upon a time, these days it is no longer true that a ship’s captain has the authority to officiate for weddings held at sea. For a ship’s captain to be able to officiate at a wedding, he or she must also be licensed as a judge, minister or other notarized authority.

Make sure to plan ahead so that your officiant has the full authority to see you married. Often, San Diego yacht wedding organizers will include an appropriate officiant in their wedding packages. Make sure to clarify with your organizer who will be performing your wedding.

Guest List and Invitations

His family. Her family. The entire department at work. Your best friend from sixth grade. Choosing who to invite, or perhaps just as importantly, who not to invite, can be half of the wedding stress! Sit down with the important wedding participants: i.e, you and your future spouse. Decide on the maximum number of people you would like at your wedding. Don’t forget to consider how much per head it will cost to host them!

If you are planning a shipboard wedding, keep in mind that your vessel will have a finite number of people it can accommodate. Make a list together of everyone you think you need or want to invite. If you think it is appropriate, allow your parents and future in-laws to add their requests as well. And then, take turns eliminating peripheral people until you hit that number.

Once you have decided on the guest list, it is time to send the invitations. Traditional paper invitations can be made in nearly any theme or design. However, digital invitations are increasingly popular and also make it easier to respond. Whichever way you decide to go, make sure to include some important information for your guests.

If you are planning a wedding at sea, don’t forget to include that information so that your guests can plan accordingly! Make sure to note where guests will park and where they will board. Indicate that there is a strict time at which the vessel will sail so that no one gets left ashore!


When you have a wedding at sea, you have the benefit of some stunning, nature made decor already there for you! But you may want to customize your wedding look with flowers or other decor as well. Make sure to discuss your options with your wedding organizer. You will want to be clear on where you and your bridal party will stand for the ceremony.

You will also want to consider where wedding photography will be done. Often your San Diego catamaran wedding or yacht wedding organizer will have suggestions and advice. They may even be able to provide the decor for you.


Weddings can be complete chaos when it comes to all of the varied participants. You will want music during your ceremony and entertainment during the reception. You will want a photographer to capture the moment and perhaps even a videographer. You may want someone to do your hair and makeup. People will want to eat of course and let’s not forget that delicious cake! The list goes on!

When planning a wedding at sea, you will want to be sure that each vendor is prepared for the voyage! Better still, your yacht wedding organizer may be able to coordinate all vendors for you and include them in a package deal.


Finally, don’t forget that this is your wedding! Once all of the planning is done, make sure you take the time to mingle with your guests, enjoy your tasty catering, get a bit of that cake and, most of all, spend time with your new partner!

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