When you are considering a luxury charter yacht rental for your next party or corporate event, you want to ensure that you are getting the best of the best. From the yacht itself, to the additional amenities, to the customer service, there are many factors to consider when making your decision. Here are 10 of the most important considerations to help guide you:

1. Size

In the case of a luxury yacht charter, size certainly does matter. You want to make sure that your guests will be comfortable and have plenty of room to move around the deck or to kick back and relax. If you choose a yacht that is too small, your guests will be too cramped to have a good time, so choose one that provides ample space for everyone to spread out.

2. Speed

Whether you are looking for a rollicking adventure on the high seas or simply a slow cruise around the harbor, your yacht needs to move. Sails are great when the weather is right, but what if the day of your event is calm and still? It is best to choose a yacht that incorporates powerful engines as well as sails to ensure that you don’t get stranded waiting on the wind to pick back up.

3. Style (Catamaran vs. Monohull)

This choice depends on the experience you are after and the type of sailors in your party. For a more traditional experience, which is better-suited to experienced sailors, a monohull is your best bet. However, when it comes to private yacht charters, you will want a catamaran. Renting a catamaran is recommended as they are simply much more stable on the water and tend not to produce that rolling effect that often makes people seasick. This also makes it much safer for your guests to walk around on deck, especially if they are not accustomed to sailing.

4. Water Toys

Depending on the type of event, the season, and the time of day, you may wish to choose a luxury charter yacht that also includes other water toys for you and your guests to play with. This could include things like jetskis, stand-up paddleboards and kayaks. If you plan to have these kinds of activities, you may also wish to look for a yacht that includes showers on board so that your guests can rinse off after playing in the water.

5. Fishing

Fishing is another option that you may wish to include for your guests. Make sure that the San Diego yacht charter company you choose has equipment available for you to use if your guests are unlikely to have their own. You’ll also need to make sure you have the right licenses for those who wish to fish. Some, but not all charter companies will take care of the licensing for you, so check well in advance in case any action is necessary on your part.

6. Entertainment

To really get the party going, you’ll want to have some form of entertainment, like a live band. Be sure to choose a style of music that will appeal to everyone on board, not just a select few. DJs are often available to play your event at sea as well. To really step up the level of luxury at your party, you can even hire massage therapists to come along and treat your guests to the ultimate in relaxation.

7. Refreshments

Ample beverages are essential for any sailing trip, so be sure that the charter company you choose includes soft drinks, especially water, in the charter package. If you and your guests like to get a little tipsy, you’ll want to ask about bar inclusions as well, as not all charters offer this. You’ll need food as well to soak up all that alcohol, so look out for a charter that offers catering services on board.

8. Child-Friendly

Whether or not you need to be able to accommodate children on your luxury charter yacht will depend on the style of your event and the guests on your invite list. Not all charter companies allow children to come aboard, so make sure that you check on this in advance if you are planning on having young ones in your party.

9. Safety

The safety of your guests should be among your primary concerns when choosing a luxury charter yacht rental company. Whichever company you choose, it should be able to give you a detailed explanation of all the safety equipment and procedures that they have in place. If a charter company is vague or evasive when it comes to safety features, they are probably not a reputable company. You would be better off looking elsewhere.

10. Experience

When it comes to sailing, you want to know that you and your guests are in good hands. A lot of this comes from the level of experience of your captain and crew. Don’t hesitate to ask charter companies how many years they have been sailing and if their crew members are equipped to handle emergency situations. You can’t put a price on your peace of mind, so don’t neglect this important area in conducting your research.

The Adventuress Offers Everything You Need

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When you are ready to book your San Diego yacht charter, you can do no better than the Adventuress. We would be happy to help you plan your next special event at sea. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our luxury charter yacht services and how we can help you create an event that your guests will never forget!