The day you tell your significant other that you want to belong to him or her for the rest of your life is a day that you will never forget. If you’re thinking of planning a San Diego catamaran wedding, you are obviously ready to make this day unforgettable for everyone involved!

With so much to organize for your wedding day, how can you ensure that your catamaran wedding event is a success? We’re going to discuss 10 tips for a catamaran wedding that is guaranteed to impress.

#1 Organize Your Ideas

Between people’s opinions, your own ideas, and Pinterest, you probably have a lot more on your plate than you can really handle. How can you actually organize these random thoughts into something that can be planned?

Before you book anything, make sure to sit down and really organize your ideas. Write down your thoughts for each part of the wedding, including food, music, guests, décor, hair and makeup. Getting your ideas down on paper will help you visualize exactly what needs to be done.

Also, set a budget for your wedding. Remember, a catamaran wedding can still stick to a budget.

#2 Set the Tone in Your Invitations

Give your guests a sneak preview of just how incredible your wedding is going to be. For example, include a picture of the catamaran in the invitation, or of the view of the San Diego Bay area. This is going to be an elegant and luxurious event, so impress that idea on your guests with your invitations!

Also, be specific about anything your guests need to know, such as where they can park nearby or exactly what time the catamaran will leave.

#3 Keep It Intimate

To make your dream of a San Diego catamaran wedding come true, remember that only a limited amount of people can attend.

Our best advice to you: create multiple guests lists.

There will be people you want to invite but who won’t fit on your essential guest list. Thus, create B and C lists with your fiancé, just in case some of your invitees aren’t able to attend. Both of you will need to be flexible, allowing the other some leeway when choosing guests.

#4 Indulge in an Adventure

There’s more to a San Diego catamaran wedding than just the ceremony or reception. 

To release stress before the actual wedding, take your wedding party out for an adventure! You can go for an anchor and play excursion, or head out to see some of San Diego’s underwater wildlife.

This is a great way to reduce your stress before the big day. It is also a memorable way to spend time with your wedding party or close family members.

#5 Keep in Mind the Setting When Choosing Your Dress

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most important decisions for most brides. Likely, you’ve already been thinking a great deal about your wedding dress style and what you want to wear on that special day.

However, it’s important to keep in mind the setting when choosing your dress. Will that extremely long train be difficult to deal with while walking around the catamaran? How much mobility does the dress give you? Will your shoes give you stability on the boat?

#6 Prepare Your Hair and Makeup Well

Again, it’s important to consider the setting when planning all the details of your wedding. If you’re planning on having the ceremony on the deck of the catamaran, keep in mind that there may be wind. How well will your chosen hairstyle hold up in the wind of the San Diego Bay?

Talk to your wedding stylist to see what options you have. He or she will likely have some great ideas to keep your hair in place for the whole day.

#7 Plan You Menu Around the Setting

If you’re planning a San Diego catamaran wedding, you obviously love the sea! So why not include the setting as part of your menu? If you like seafood, there is no better place to enjoy it than at your reception on a catamaran.

Another thing to keep in mind is that certain foods may provoke seasickness in some people. When planning your menu, make sure that the items aren’t too heavy or spicy. Also, be careful about the amount of alcohol available to your guests. That way, everyone is sure to have an enjoyable time!

#8 Make It Personal

Personalizing your wedding day makes it extra special for everyone involved! Every detail should scream ‘YOU’.

Details such as personalized wedding favors make your guests feel as if they’re truly a part of this special day. Keep in mind the setting and include things that are appropriate! Since you’re planning a San Diego catamaran wedding, try giving out ocean-themed favors.

#9 Allow Your Surroundings to Be Your Décor

The beauty of the San Diego bay area is an absolutely stunning backdrop for your wedding. Why not use these incredible views as the main part of your wedding décor? You might set up across from the glittering skyline of San Diego or near the rugged cliffs of Pt. Loma.

Any decoration that you choose to do on the boat itself could be something very simple, yet elegant. Let nature provide you with the most beautiful decoration possible!

#10 Enjoy the Day!

Your wedding day is a beautiful event, although likely very stressful. However, what better place to relax than out in the open waters on a luxury catamaran with the people closest to you? Just remember to take a few moments to breathe throughout the day and enjoy this extremely special occasion!

With these 10 tips, we’re sure that your wedding day will be a beautiful success! If you’re looking to plan a San Diego catamaran wedding, we have the perfect place for you.

The Adventuress Luxury Catamaran is a wonderfully elegant setting for your wedding on the water. We’d be happy to provide you with assistance in planning and carrying out your dream wedding. 

Contact us today and make sure that your wedding is truly a day to remember.