Have you been considering a San Diego yacht wedding, but you’re concerned about the myths that surround it? Have no fear – most of these “myths’ are just misconceptions. We’ll help clear those up so you can start planning that wedding you’ve always dreamed about.

Chartering a Yacht Will Be Too Expensive

Chartering a yacht can actually save you money. First of all, who needs all of the fancy decorations when you’ve got a breathtaking view of the water? Sure, you’ll still decorate, but you’ll need a lot less than you would for a large banquet hall. A yacht creates its own ambiance that your guests will love.

Second, you won’t require furniture rental. Many banquet halls are either rented completely empty or with not enough furniture to suit your needs. A luxury yacht is completely furnished. Indoor seating will allow for comfort and a view of the scenery, without even having to go outdoors.

If you discuss your budget allowances with the charter broker, they will often negotiate an affordable agreement. You can choose to add on additional services such as gourmet catering, live music, and a photographer. A one-stop package deal will not only save you money – it can save you time, as well.

My Guests Might Get Seasick

As most of the yachting companies in the Southern California area do not venture outside of the harbor, there is no risk of getting seasick. Inside the harbor, there is little to no wave action. As this is a leisure tour, there’s no rush. The yacht moves slowly so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful ceremony with its gorgeous background.

The Destinations Are Limited

The San Diego Bay offers many breathtaking attractions. When planning your wedding party, the charter broker will discuss destination options with you. In most cases, you can choose which of the attractions you would like to select as the backdrop for your magical day, such as Pt. Loma and Coronado Bridge. Keep in mind, yachts can go places where bigger ships can’t fit, so you’ll be sure to enjoy a unique experience. Who knows – you might even see some whales or dolphins at play.

It’s Too Cold

In San Diego, the temperatures stay moderate all year long! Nights can get a little cooler in January and December, but overall, the daytime temperatures are perfect for a yacht cruise. Of course, if it ever does get too chilly, you can always enjoy the view from inside. The main lobby and bar are always warm and cozy.

Religious Ceremonies Are Not Allowed On a Yacht

A wedding can be performed on a yacht, just the same as it can be performed anywhere else. As long as you have the marriage license and a State Of California recognized marriage officiant, that’s all you need.

It’s Too Dangerous for Children

A yacht wedding is an amazing event for children. Little ones always require adult supervision in any situation, however, a yacht is virtually safe. In fact, catamaran sailing in San Diego can be exciting and something they’ll remember forever.

We’ll Need to Hire Someone to Sail the Yacht

Wrong! A chartered yacht comes with its own captain and crew. All you have to worry about is your ceremony. By “worry”, we mean, “Enjoy your day!”. You and your guests are taken care of by the crew as the captain sails the yacht. If you have added catering to your package, you could even be treated to the services of an onboard chef. This is your day to be pampered, so be sure to enjoy it to the fullest.

Our Guests Will Forget What We’re Celebrating

Actually, quite the opposite is true. The anticipation of this extraordinary wedding party will keep this event foremost on their minds before it ever happens. A San Diego yacht wedding allows for a limited amount of people, so this will most assuredly consist of your nearest and dearest family and friends. Sure, they will be having the time of their lives, but there’s no way they’ll forget why they’re there!

We’ll Have to Wear Life Vests During the Ceremony

A chartered yacht moves slowly and there is no imminent danger of anyone falling off. It is also completely enclosed, so the entire ceremony can be held indoors if preferred. That said, your entire wedding party can come dressed as they would if the wedding were held elsewhere – high heels and gowns included!

Everything Will Get Wet

The enclosed interior of a yacht is spacious. Your wedding party will be set up as you would set it up in a banquet hall. There is no chance of any seawater getting inside and ruining anything. As such, you are also protected from any wet weather conditions.

If Someone Is Running a Little Late, They’ll Miss Out

Life is unpredictable. You or your guests can get stuck in traffic or run late for any number of reasons. It’s always best to leave early to prevent such things, but it can still happen. That’s actually the beauty of hiring a chartered yacht. They won’t leave the dock until you say it’s time.

What if Someone in My Party Has Claustrophobia?

It’s highly unlikely that someone would have an attack of claustrophobia on a yacht. Indoors, the main cabins are extremely large and spacious. Outdoors there is plenty of fresh air and room to sit or walk around.

An Emergency Could Happen While We’re At Sea

In the rare event that an emergency occurs while you are at sea, there are plenty of ways to get you back to the mainland quickly. The Coast Guard is easily reached, and there are other gondola options available, as well.

Now that we’ve addressed your biggest concerns about planning your dream wedding on a San Diego yacht, there’s nothing holding you back! If you’d like to discuss your ideas and thoughts about making this wonderful dream a reality, we’d be happy to assist. Just give us a call and our charter broker can help you get started.