San Diego is the ultimate destination for sun, sand and surf. With a San Diego yacht rental, you can catch even more of those things! Rather than limiting yourself to just what you can see on land, why not catch a new perspective and enjoy a charter excursion on a boat? Whether a private rental or an organized catamaran, there is so much to see around the San Diego Bay.

Point Loma and Cabrillo National Monument

On a hilly peninsula separating the Pacific Ocean from the San Diego Bay, Point Loma is one of San Diego’s cultural icons. The famous Old Point Loma Lighthouse, often used as a symbol of the entire city of San Diego, overlooks a stunning vista of the bay. The lighthouse sits at the highest point within Cabrillo National Monument Park. Lower in the park, visitors can also explore the intertidal area and the tide pools. At low tide, these pools offer viewings of entire ecosystems of barnacles, anemones, crabs, star fish…you might even glimpse an octopus! From the comfort of a San Diego yacht rental you can appreciate this park’s stunning scenery.

Maritime Museum

If ships and boats are your thing, there is no better place than San Diego Bay! The bay is home to the San Diego Maritime Museum, which has one of the largest collections of historic ships in the country. The collection includes a wide variety of vessels, including sailing ships, steam-powered ships and even submarines. The Star of India, the world’s oldest active sailing ship, is among the museum’s collection. Built is 1863, she was originally a full-rigged ship, however these days she remains as a barque. Nonetheless, her three masts are still an impressive sight! Visitors can tour several of the ships as well as visit the museum and a variety of permanent or visiting exhibits about maritime traditions and history.

Seaport Village

With 14 acres of shopping right along the lovely San Diego Bay waterfront, Seaport Village has a lot to offer. This pedestrian-only complex features more than 50 shops, as well as 17 diverse eateries and a variety of outdoor entertainment. They even have a carousel! Children and adults alike will admire the 121 year-old working carousel and its exquisitely hand carved animals. From the perspective of a catamaran rental in San Diego, you can enjoy the Victorian and Spanish themed architecture without the crowds.

La Jolla Marine Sanctuary

The beaches and bays of La Jolla are so beautiful that they are commonly called “San Diego’s Jewel by the Sea”. Ranging from sea cliffs hundreds of feet high, to rocky cove and sea caves, there is scenery to please every taste. However, much of the most beautiful scenery has no beach access. In these cases, the views are best enjoyed by sea. From the water, visitors can anchor offshore and truly explore. This area is fantastic for water activity enthusiasts. Those interested in catching some waves will enjoy the good surfing, boogie boarding or body surfing here. Or you can take the time to kayak around the sea stacks. Encounter the vibrant marine life with some snorkeling or SCUBA diving. Or, even just splash around with a little bit of swimming!

Mission Beach

One of the most famous beaches in San Diego, Mission Beach covers nearly two miles. This wildly popular destination features more than just sun bathing and beach volleyball. A boardwalk spans the length of the beach leading to a wide variety of sights and activities. This is the location of the historic Belmont Park amusement park, where you will see the original wooden Giant Dipper Roller Coaster.

San Diego Naval Base

Home to the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet, the San Diego Naval Base is one of the largest in the country. Stretching over 13 piers, from the water you can catch glimpses of the fleet’s 50 ships. You may also see fighter jets and other naval aircraft as they take off and land from the base’s airstrips.

Southern California’s Quaint Communities

The San Diego coastline is home to a number of picturesque surfing and beach communities. In Sunset Cliffs, near Point Loma, gorgeous custom homes line the cliffs. Down along the Pacific Beach area, trendy communities of young people and students have made for a hip, artistic vibe around Crystal Pier. From the vantage point of a San Diego yacht rental on the water, you can see the diversity of San Diego’s communities in action.

Whale Watching

Of course, people aren’t the only thing to watch in San Diego Bay. You can’t miss the marine life! Whale watching in the bay is fantastic year round. This area is a great place to catch a Gray Whale or even the Blue Whale, which is the largest animal in the world! The beautiful giants can be seen during different seasons. Catch the Gray Whale between December and April. The Blue Whale, on the other hand, is best seen between June and September. Occasionally, you might also catch a Humpback Whole or a Fin Whale. And of course, anytime of year is a great time to spot playful dolphins or Orcas.

San Diego Yacht Rental

By spending the day exploring San Diego Bay by boat, you can see all of these things and more. Yacht and catamaran excursions in the San Diego Bay can run from a couple of quick hours to a full day of bay and ocean fun. Depending on your scheduled excursion, you may be able to dock and explore a site in depth. You may also be able to anchor and enjoy a variety of water activities.

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