Make your San Diego yacht rental unforgettable! Whether it’s a dinner cruise or a daytime family excursion, a San Diego Rent a Yacht charter is a great way to make memories. There is nothing like the freedom of the open water, the feeling of luxury, and spending time with the important people in your life.

Still, you can always up the ante. Creating a central theme can really elevate your cruise into an event that people talk about for years to come. Here are a few ideas to start your creative engines running.

1. Mermaid Wedding

There are still dreamers out there who imagine having a fairy tale wedding, but nowadays, even those don’t seem as special as they used to. How can you make a wedding truly memorable?

If you are already surrounded by waves and a spectacular sunset, why not bring the magic of the sea inside and throw an underwater themed reception worthy of a world-class animation studio?

You could have otherworldly blue mood lighting to simulate the cool serenity of the sea and place artificial coral on tables as accents. Guests’ invitations and assigned seating could be designated with differently colored fish. Party favor packets could include pretty shells and other underwater treasures.

There are several craft stores and party decoration companies that can help you with decor ideas for your underwater paradise .

The menu for your San Diego yacht wedding could be ocean themed as well with fish and shellfish – even sushi will work, and it’s trendy. Your nuptials will dazzle your guests and give them something to rave about for a very long time.

2. Whale Watching Scavenger Hunt

If you want to get up close to majestic animals and see how they rule the seas in person, you need to experience a whale watching  day trip. Imagine the looks in your children’s eyes as they view regal humpbacks as they breach the surface of the waves.

An amazing educational activity could be shared with family friends and neighbors if you organize a joint whale watching cruise. Guests can enjoy the comfort and hospitality of a luxury catamaran – even catered, if you wish. An able marine guide will show you what signs to look for as you skim the seas and watch the skies. It will be a lesson no one in your party will ever forget.

Why not organize the coolest scavenger hunt your guests have ever done?  Quest items could be pictures of particular sea birds, or to see a certain number of seals. Things can even be placed around the boat itself, or guests could be asked to find out certain information from crew members.

Not only will your guests spend quality time interacting while learning about regal marine life, but they will also experience Nature as they have never before. When education is fun, the possibilities are endless.

3. Retro Dance Employee Engagement Event

Who says disco is dead? Corporate social events are extremely important for employee engagement – a topic familiar to successful businesses, so why not combine a corporate cruise with a cheeky theme that will bring out the fun in all the guests?

Whether your guests show up in bell bottoms from the 1970s, fluorescent clothes and leg warmers from the 1980s, or you decide to go 1990s grunge, you are guaranteed to have folks reminiscing and showing off their moves on the dance floor.

Raise the stakes with contests for the best costume and best dance moves, or have a silly requirement that guests can only request particular songs if they answer company related trivia correctly.  Your employees will still be tapping their toes on Monday morning and sharing stories around the water cooler about the stellar event their workplace put on for them.

4. Superhero Catamaran Race

There is nothing quite like racing upon the open water, marine air whipping past your face, and the cheers of comrades as you cross the finish line.  A catamaran race is an excellent corporate morale builder, birthday party – even a stag and doe fundraiser.  Add in a cool theme, and you’ve got yourself the most fun you’ve had in years.

Two teams, two catamarans. You can split up your guests in a number of ways – comic book chain vs comic book chain; heroes vs super villains; a friendly competition between departments; or even a battle of the sexes. Throw in a motivational speaker or seminar and some team-building exercises, and you have an informational and entertaining day on the water. Have guests vote on the best superhero costume or superhero pose. Hold a raffle with prizes for the MVPs in the race or find out what “superhero” karaoke looks and sounds like.

5. Halloween Masquerade Party

Admit it. Halloween isn’t just for the kids. We may all be responsible adults and productive members of society, but that shouldn’t stop us from kicking back and taking back a bit of childhood fun.

Whether you make it a costume masquerade party or a specific theme – a zombie cruise, for example, you can deck out the interior of the boat to match. Whether you have your cruise before or after Hallowe’en, you can recycle your decorations either way.  Enjoy a gory blast from the past with red syrup cocktails, peeled grape eyeballs, chocolate graveyard cake.  Again, it could be a corporate employee engagement event or an anniversary celebration for a couple who got married in the Fall. Why not recreate the Thriller dance?

San Diego Yacht Rental

With a little imagination and a touch of whimsy, you can be the hero of your office or arrange the best family vacation ever. Find out why more and more people are coming to the breathtaking San Diego bay to charter cruises on the Adventuress Luxury Catamaran, and make your excursion unique and unforgettable. Contact us with your ideas and take a look at the phenomenal amenities we have on board – we have connections with esteemed caterers and naturalists and can turn your theme idea into a dream cruise.