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Cruising San Diego Harbor

Cruising San Diego Harbor

Nov 19, 2018

No matter what you expect from your San Diego Harbor cruise, you’re going to get more. Locals and visitors alike book cruises for a number of different purposes. Even those who have made California’s second largest city their home for years learn a new perspective once they set sail. The best cruise accomplishes your main goal while giving you new sights and experiences that create lifelong memories.

The reason that so many different people get so much from their tours is that every San Diego Harbor tour isn’t the same. Your unique experience starts with who you plan to share it with. Tours range from romantic cruises for two to exciting bonding events for the whole workgroup. Regardless of the adventure you choose, one thing that every tour has in common is the incredible views from the water.

San Diego Harbor

Popular San Diego Harbor Cruises

  • Corporate Event –A corporate event is an opportunity to reward employees for a job well-done. Their time on the tranquil water helps them relax and get away from the stress of the workplace. Engaging in competitive activities can help build comradery that carries over to the workplace.  
  • Whale Watching – This adventure is a popular one year around. It’s almost always a good time to spot various species of dolphins and whales in San Diego. These include Minke, Gray, Blue, Fin, and Humpback whales. Passengers often have the added bonus of spotting large herds of dolphins at all times of the year.
  • Private Yacht Dinner Cruise – The weather and scenery from aboard a luxury catamaran are incomparable. Enjoying a delicious meal during the cruise makes it even more spectacular. People schedule these cruises for a broad range of events. Marriage proposals, awards banquets, family reunions, weddings, holidays, or just dedicated time to hang out with friends are a few examples. Your option to customize your yacht dinner cruise gives you even more ways to make any event more special.
  • Yacht Weddings – No other setting is as romantic as that of a yacht. Yacht weddings are magical events filled with special moments for the bride and groom, along with all of their guests. Image your wedding with the rugged cliffs of Pt. Loma and the historic lighthouses as your backdrop. That’s just one view that sets the panoramic stage for your special day.
  • Memorials at Sea – A memorial at sea is more than spreading a loved one’s ashes across the water. It’s an honored tradition and, for many, a promise fulfilled. These ceremonies differ from the San Diego Harbor cruises that focus on fun and relaxation. The need for a dignified service makes it even more important to put the event in the hands of a professional captain and crew who understand what you’re going through.

Tips on Cruising with Kids

With so many family-friendly activities in San Diego, it’s a great destination for families with kids of all ages. Sometimes parents worry about taking their kids on-board. But a catamaran is safe for all its passengers. Life jackets are provided, and the crew is highly trained in safety precautions. Anxiety can still rule if you don’t know how to plan.

Include Your Kids in the Plan Making – Talk to them about some of the whales and dolphins they will see on the cruise. Let them know ahead of time what they’re looking for. Show them pictures or, better yet, videos. It’s especially important to prepare smaller children who haven’t experienced being on a boat before.

– Keep an Eye on Them – Children react differently to new situations. Some might retreat and feel frightened. Others might look at it as an adventure and a chance for discovery. If your little one is especially rambunctious, ask about gates, locks, and netting. Find out what the crew can do ahead of time to make it easier to keep your little ones safe.

– Choose the Right Crew – The only way to do this is to read testimonials from previous clients. You want someone who understands your children’s needs and who interacts with them regularly. You aren’t hiring a babysitter. But you do want a crew who understands how to make the cruise more fun for the little ones.

Ask About Entertainment – Most luxury charters include toys and entertainment for their youngest passengers. Depending on the type of San Diego Harbor cruise you charter or how long you are at sail, you may want to include more activities. For example, combine a day of whale watching with Anchor & Play Excursions. Know ahead of time how much time you have and how you will fill it with the most fun for your kids.

– Don’t Forget the Sunscreen – Delicate young skin can burn quickly, even if you never leave the deck. Make it water-resistant in case your little one gets splashed. Also, take a lightweight jacket, especially if your cruise lasts overnight. The temperatures in the evening get much cooler than during the day.

Catamaran Race

Take a Cruise on a Luxury Catamaran

What is a luxury catamaran? It’s a type of sailboat that is fast and fun! Unlike other sailboats, the catamaran rests on two hulls, giving it better stability. That makes it a safer, more relaxing way to sail.

Catamarans are also faster than single-hull boats, making it more fun during the actual sailing experience. In spite of their ability to travel faster, there is also a much lower risk of collisions. There’s also more interior space so you can cruise with larger groups. Most importantly for many first-time passengers, there’s less cause for sea-sickness. Even so, it’s a good idea to take preventive measures. Otherwise, it could ruin your cruise.

A San Diego Harbor cruise is the ideal setting for all types of events. Contact Adventuress Luxury Catamaran to book your San Diego Harbor cruise now. Our experienced and friendly captain and crew are here to create a once-in-a-lifetime event. Read our long list of customer testimonials to learn more about what sets us and our luxury catamaran apart from the competition.