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The Best Restaurants in San Diego

The Best Restaurants in San Diego

Oct 24, 2018

San Diego’s dining scene has exploded in recent years and new restaurants are opening all the time. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine the best restaurants in San Diego. Here’s a look at some of the most popular restaurants in the area and why they attract locals and visitors alike. 

Menya Ultra 

Menya Ultra is one of the top Japanese restaurants in the region. Don’t miss your chance to try some delicious, gourmet ramen noodles that are a long way from the salty packages you ate in college. The delectable tonkotsu broth is the perfect counterpart for the chewy, yet still lightweight noodles. This restaurant can get quite full during peak hours so expect to wait a bit for a table, especially on the weekends. 


Those who love Italian food but are bored with the same old fettuccine alfredo or spaghetti and meatballs will find a new home away from home in Maestoso. This contemporary Italian restaurant encourages you to forget everything you know about traditional Italian dishes and even restaurant dining itself. The chefs actually come out of the kitchen to take your order and deliver your food in between preparing the delicious, unique dishes. 

Buona Forchetta 

Buona Forchetta is a pizza-lover’s dream. It crafts incredible pies using only the best ingredients available, resulting in some amazing combinations. Choose from the many creations on the menu or build your own pizza to get exactly the toppings you want. Though the pizzas are gourmet, the atmosphere is decidedly relaxed, giving the restaurant a warm, welcoming vibe that you and your friends are sure to enjoy on your next night out. 

San Diego Restaurants

Sushi Ota 

You would be remiss in visiting San Diego without stopping to dine on some delicious, fresh fish. To taste the fish in all its glory, it is best to eat it raw, and Sushi Ota prepares some of the most authentic sushi in the city. Be sure to sit in the chef’s section of the sushi bar to enjoy the omakase (chef’s choice) dinner. Renowned sushi chef Ota-san will choose the best catch of the day to serve to you and your guests, giving you the best possible sushi experience. 

Bivouac Ciderworks 

There’s nothing like a delicious beverage to complement and enhance your meal. That is exactly what you’ll get at Bivouac Ciderworks. Originally a cidery, it now includes a restaurant where you can sample delicious apple ciders and those made from other seasonal fruits. The menu is seasonal as well, incorporating the best produce for the time period. The chefs are creative and innovative, combining ingredients in unexpected combinations that will surprise and delight you. 

Herb & Wood 

Herb & Wood is a great spot for a date night or a fun night out with friends. The space is stylish and modern and the cuisine fits easily into that vibe. Professional mixologists craft incredible cocktails using fresh ingredients. Stop in for dinner and drinks, or head straight to the bar to work your way through the extensive cocktail menu. Whatever you choose, you’ll be ready for a memorable night out on the town. 

Cantina Mayahuel 

No list of the best restaurants in San Diego would be complete without a Mexican eatery, and Cantina Mayahuel does not disappoint. Because of the city’s close proximity to the Mexican border, you’ll find plenty of impressive cuisine from our neighbors to the south. Cantina Mayahuel serves up authentic Mexican fare, organized by region. The bar also offers a vast selection of tequila and mezcal to create a variety of cocktails using agave. 

Born & Raised 

Every list of top restaurants should include a swanky steakhouse and Born & Raised is one of the newest offerings in San Diego. Opened in November 2017, the steakhouse has already risen through the ranks to become one of the most popular dining establishments in the city. Aside from the incredible cuts of meat on the menu, grilled to perfection, of course, you’ll also find a variety of gourmet side dishes to complement your steak. The prices are a bit steep but well worth it for an amazing meal at one of the city’s hottest spots. 

Bleu Boheme 

This venerable French establishment follows the classic traditions of French cuisine. At Bleu Boheme, you’ll find a variety of dishes expertly prepared using world-renowned French techniques and flavors. The menu changes weekly to accommodate the latest seasonal ingredients so you’ll want to come back again and again to try as many dishes as you can. Prices are on the high side but not overly expensive, and the overall vibe is relaxed despite the high-end dishes on the menu. 

Jaynes Gastropub 

For something a bit more casual, try Jaynes Gastropub. With a British owner, this pub exemplifies the authentic pub environment that is so common in the UK. Prices are affordable and the rustic atmosphere makes you feel at home from the moment you step inside. The food is tasty and the wine list is more extensive than in many other casual establishments. Unlike many pubs, Jaynes has a strong cocktail menu as well. 

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