Yacht Wedding San Diego | A One of a Kind Wedding

Yacht Wedding San Diego | A One of a Kind Wedding

Yacht Wedding San Diego | A One of a Kind Wedding

Feb 9, 2018

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It will undoubtedly become a treasured memory that you and your partner will cherish forever. A yacht wedding in San Diego is a great way to create a one-of-a-kind experience that you and your guests will not soon forget. 

Of course, you could go with a traditional venue for your wedding and reception, like a church, hotel ballroom or dedicated banquet hall, but wouldn’t it be better to step away from the norm for a truly special experience? Here’s how hosting your wedding on a yacht can make it a memorable event. 

A Bit Out of the Ordinary 

Just about everyone has been to a traditional church or banquet hall wedding, but how many of your friends and family can say they have attended a wedding on a yacht? It is likely not many if any at all. When you board a yacht and sail out into the San Diego harbor, you immediately know you are in for an experience that is anything but ordinary. 

Once you’re out on the water, it’s like all of the cares and worries of your daily life have drifted away on the waves. Then, you’re free to truly be in the moment, enabling you to make the most of your special day. The rest of your life will be waiting there for you when you get back, so be sure to live in the now, at least for the duration of your wedding. 

Ideal for Non-Traditional Weddings 

Although the world has become much more open-minded in recent years when it comes to non-traditional weddings, there are still some that frown upon weddings between two men or two women, between those of different races or between those who practice different religions. Because of this, you may run into complications in trying to secure venues and other services for your non-traditional wedding. 

This is not the case with a wedding on a yacht. You’ll have the freedom to celebrate your love away from prejudiced eyes, allowing you to truly enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Your yacht charter company will likely be able to provide a non-religious celebrant to officiate your nuptials. 

Fabulous Photo Opportunities 

For your yacht wedding in San Diego, you’ll have our picturesque harbor and skyline as the backdrop for all of your wedding photos. To get a change of scenery, simply turn to the other side of the yacht for uninterrupted views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. No matter which direction you turn, you’ll be treated to incredible scenery to frame the photos of your special day. 

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Many yacht charter organizations can provide their own event photographers, or you may be able to bring along one of your choosing. Of course, your guests will want to take their own photos at the event but having a professional along for your cruise will ensure that you go home with some incredible images. You’ll certainly be able to look back on your wedding day fondly in the future. 

Delicious Refreshments 

No wedding reception is complete without food and drinks (especially the adult kind!), so work with your yacht charter company to create a menu that you and your guests will love. Many charter outfits provide their own caterers, or they may allow you to hire your own. In most cases, the wedding couple will be treated to a free tasting to help decide which menu items to include. 

For a yacht wedding in San Diego, a buffet is an excellent option when compared to a sit-down dinner. The layout of a yacht encourages guests to mingle and socialize in a way that more expansive venues don’t. Having an open buffet makes this easier to do. When choosing your menu items, focus on things that are easy to eat with one hand and that don’t require the use of silverware. This way, your guests can enjoy their food anywhere on the yacht without having to put down their drink in order to do so. 

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On the topic of drinks, you may wish to create a signature cocktail for your wedding to make the event more personalized. This could be something made using your favorite alcohol or in a color that matches your wedding color scheme. Work with your yacht wedding planner to come up with some ideas to make your bar menu one of a kind. 

Whether you choose to host the bar so that your guests don’t have to pay for drinks or make it a cash bar for some or all of the event, be sure to offer a diverse mix of drinks so guests can enjoy their preferred choice. Beer, wine, and popular liquors are all good options. Your yacht charter company can help guide you in choosing the most appropriate pay structure and drinks for your event. 

Lively Entertainment 

If there is one thing that guests at a wedding love to do, it is dance. Everyone is in a celebratory mood, so be sure to provide entertainment to keep the energy level high all through the evening. Depending on your yacht charter company’s offerings, you may be able to hire a DJ, a live band or even just play a playlist that you created for the event. 

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Keep the music level low immediately after the ceremony to enable guests to congratulate the happy couple and socialize with other guests. The same goes for dinner time if you are serving a formal meal. Once it is time to party, though, don’t be shy about cranking up the volume. Out on the open ocean, there are no neighbors to complain about the noise as there are with many traditional venues, so feel free to party on the yacht into the wee hours! 

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