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Scuba Diving in San Diego

Scuba Diving in San Diego

Sep 18, 2018

Scuba Diving in San Diego: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to aquatic fun and adventure in San Diego, it is difficult to beat scuba diving. With some of the world’s most pristine waters and interesting dive spots found within easy access of the city, scuba diving is a must for anyone seeking to explore the ocean from their base in Southern California.

Take a look at our guide to the top scuba diving spots in San Diego. Then, book your trip with some of the region’s expert guides, and make it into a sublime experience with your other scuba loving friends with a yacht charter.

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Top Scuba Diving Spots in San Diego

Wreck Alley

Spanning an impressive 600 acres, Wreck Alley is home to five sunken vessels and is something of a diver’s paradise. While wreck diving is not without its dangers, experienced divers operating responsibly will find enough fun here to warrant several trips from nearby San Diego.

In 2000, a 366-foot destroyer was intentionally sunk in the area, around two miles off Mission Beach. Formerly a member of the Canadian Navy, the Yukon is arguably the highlight of an already exciting diving spot and is a favorite for local and visiting divers alike.

La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove is one of the most easily accessed diving spots around San Diego. A buoy floats around 165 feet from the shore, marking the spot, while the imposing crack of the San Diego Faultline on the hillside above provides a useful reference point for divers lining themselves up for the descent.

A forest of kelp leads the way to one of the West Coast’s most remarkable natural habitats, with ample opportunity for wildlife spotting. San Diego scuba diving doesn’t get much better than this.

La Jolla Shores

Divers looking for access to the world famous underwater La Jolla Canyon, or simply looking for great diving spots within convenient reach of San Diego, will find what they need at La Jolla Shores. Descending beyond the break and heading out in search of the incredible 600-foot drop off into the canyon is a stunning experience.

Leopard sharks, octopi, pipefish and crabs are abundant here when the seas are gentle, so be prepared to spot lots of underwater fauna.

Isla Los Coronados

It is not possible to reach Los Coronados from the shore. Instead, you will need to charter a boat as you head out to this group of three islands off the Mexican coast. Once there, you will be rewarded by undersea visibility of between 50 and 70 feet, as well as a broad range ofseals, sea lions, and eels.

There are a great many options available to you once you are at the islands, with Lobster Shack, The Keyhole, and Pukey Point being the highlights. Be aware that the current can be strong off the islands. Inexperienced divers should take particular care here.

South Casa Cove

Lobster trappers and spearfishers have used South Casa Cove for generations; a fact which reflects the abundance of crustaceans and fish which frequent the area. Visitors will also find seals and sea lions, and perhaps even whale watching opportunities if you are particularly lucky.

Ideal for reef diving, South Casa is also a popular spot for divers. Expect the seabed to quickly drop away with depths reaching around 15 to 30 feet. This is where you will find some of the best underwater views in California.

Hospital Point

Located close to South Casa Cove, Hospital Point provides another fantastic playground for divers, with its own natural reef. This reef, like many of the reefs up and down the California coast, is home to all manner of sea creatures and underwater fauna, making this yet another spot for nature-loving divers to check out.

Less well known than the more famous South Casa Cove, Hospital Point is still a great option if you have a little extra time to spend enjoying the underwater landscapes around San Diego. The large population of seals and sea lions who call this area home are reason enough for anyone to don their scuba gear and head beneath the waves.

kelp forest

Point Loma Kelp Beds

The kelp forests off the coast of San Diego are among the most famous in the world, but it is the beds at Point Loma which are the pick of the bunch. Striking rock formations and sprawling kelp landscapes make diving here a unique experience.

If you are scuba diving at Point Loma, you can expect depths ranging from 35 feet to 80 feet. How far down you go depends on your personal preference and your level of expertise. Whether you are near the surface or lower down, visibility here is incredible, and the overall experience is a hugely rewarding one.

Anyone who has been diving off New Zealand may experience deja vu when visiting the Point Loma Kelp Beds, but all other visitors will find the region to be unlike anything they have ever seen before. Speak to the dive experts around San Diego to arrange your trip and to find the best spots in which to dive.

The Marine Room

You may have noticed The Marine Room restaurant near the beach at La Jolla. As well as providing great food, this restaurant also marks the entry point for the reef which bears its name. Enter the water at the beach opposite the restaurant, and within a few hundred feet you will have hit the reef, complete with huge calico bass, which are not shy of introducing themselves.

Found between the more popular La Jolla Cove and the nearby canyon, The Marine Room tends to be a quieter spot. This makes it perfect for enjoying the freedom, tranquillity, and majesty, of the ocean around San Diego.

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