Rent a Yacht San Diego | A Most Unique and Romantic Valentine Date

Rent a Yacht San Diego | A Most Unique and Romantic Valentine Date

Rent a Yacht San Diego | A Most Unique and Romantic Valentine Date

Jan 15, 2018

Create a Valentine’s Day memory that will last a lifetime when you rent a yacht. San Diego couples who want to celebrate their special day with over-the-top romance will find that a cruise aboard a yacht is tailor-made for love.

The gentle lap of the waves. The breathtaking San Diego scenery that surrounds you. The sea breezes that energize you with every breath. Aboard your rented yacht, romance grows with every minute.

Rent a Yacht San Diego


Enhance the Anticipation with Special Touches

Before your Valentine’s Day yacht cruise even begins, create anticipation with thoughtful, elegant gestures. Instead of an ordinary car, hire a high-end Uber—UberLUX or UberBlack–to take her or him to the dock. Hand your sweetheart a rose before she gets inside. Munch on chocolate kisses on your way to the yacht. Ask the yacht company to sprinkle the entrance with rose petals, as well as the bed itself–if you’re spending the night aboard.

For Daytime Valentine’s Day Dates, Choose a Romantic Picnic at Sea

Your special someone will love a picnic aboard your chartered private yacht. Bring your own favorite foods, or ask your yacht rental company to cater your lunch. Don’t forget to take along beverages that provide the perfect complement to your picnic fare. Rosé wines and champagnes are always Valentine’s Day favorites. A bouquet of roses as your centerpiece adds a heightened sense of romance.

Wine and Dine aboard Your Chartered Yacht

Gaze into each other’s eyes as you watch the world go by from the deck, champagne glasses in hand. Capture the blaze from the sunset as you dine aboard the yacht, the San Diego Bay breezes heightening your every sensation. Whether you choose gourmet seafood just plucked from the ocean, a juicy steak, or both—Valentine’s Day dinner aboard a yacht will enchant you both.

Rent a Yacht San Diego

Play in the Bay

Your Valentine’s Day date can turn the San Diego Bay into your private playground. With kayaks, standup paddleboards, and a dinghy, you can splash around in the bay to your hearts’ content. Afterward, enjoy a steamy shower in your private stateroom.

Get Wild with the Sea Creatures

Enjoy seeing the sea’s wildlife up close and personal? Combine your Valentine’s Day date with a whale-watching excursion. Valentine’s Day occurs at the peak of the whale-watching season. Dolphins and seabirds play in the water nearby, their calls to their mates are a reminder that love isn’t reserved only for human couples.

Explore Catalina and the Channel Islands with Your Partner

When you rent a yacht in San Diego for your Valentine date, you can turn it into a weekend with an excursion to Catalina or one of the less-traveled, but romantic spots along the Channel Islands. Pamper yourself in the spa or try your hand at scuba diving to get an even closer look at the area’s diverse wildlife in their natural habitat. If you want an even more heart-pumping element to your weekend to remember, explore the island through one of Catalina’s ziplining services. Before you board your yacht to go back home, immerse yourself in a seaside adventure. Catalina has both jet skiing and parasailing to enhance the romance that only an island can bring.

Rent a Yacht San Diego

Customized Valentine’s Day Amenities

Set the stage for love with amenities customized for your every whim. Want live music to enhance the romance? A box of imported chocolates to delight your special someone? Aboard your yacht, anything can happen. You can even arrange to stay the night aboard the yacht for a sizzling finale for your dream date. A queen-sized bed and private bathroom with all the luxury touches you crave will cradle you in comfort for the evening. Fall asleep with the gentle rocking of the waves. Enjoy breakfast in bed the next morning as you sail back into the harbor, your love rekindled.

Share the Experience with Other Couples

Many couples want to share their Valentine’s Day date night with other couples in their circle of friends. With a luxury yacht, each couple can have its own private stateroom, yet enjoy a romantic dinner with both their partners and their best friends while watching the stunning San Diego scenery by sunset.

Take the Plunge This Valentine’s Day aboard a Yacht

Ready to make your love a permanent affair? No better way to pop the question than aboard a romantic yacht. With a bouquet of roses, a bottle of champagne, and a candlelit dinner beforehand, he or she will be sure to say “yes!” As you declare your love for each other under the stars, your future promises smooth sailing forever.

Make It Official at Sea with a Valentine’s Day Wedding aboard a Yacht

Rent a yacht for your San Diego Valentine’s Day wedding to create the ceremony of your dreams. Whether your wedding occurs at sunset or under the stars, it will be the most memorable day of your life. After you tie the knot, continue the romance with a honeymoon aboard. Visit the islands or splash in the bay—it’s all yours for the asking when you marry your partner aboard a luxury yacht. Yacht companies often have special wedding and honeymoon packages designed to make your big day an occasion you’ll remember all your life long.

Rent a Yacht San Diego

What if I’m Single?

Show yourself some love when you enjoy a luxury cruise aboard a yacht this Valentine’s Day. Bring along your single friends for a memorable day with dinner aboard, sightseeing along the coastline of one of the nation’s most romantic cities. Savor chocolates as you sail through the fresh ocean air. Stay the night for a throwback sleepover that takes you back to your teenage years. Share stories over a glass of champagne and dream of what the future holds as the waves rock you to sleep.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Indulgence

Whether you’re single, in a long-term relationship, or somewhere in between, you owe it to yourself to immerse yourself in pleasure this Valentine’s Day. Watch your past worries melt away with the waves as romance awakens aboard your rental yacht. To discover a world of pleasure and romance this Valentine’s Day, contact the booking team at Adventuress Luxury Catamaran today.