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Living on a Boat – The Ups and Downs

Living on a Boat – The Ups and Downs

Jun 1, 2018

Living on a boat might sound like the ultimate lifestyle for you. You enjoy great views and live in one of the best entertainment venues in the city. It even seems like a more affordable option than paying rent or upkeep on your own home. But before you get onboard with a new lifestyle on the water, you need to weigh the highs against the lows.

The Cost

The Ups – Living on a boat costs a lot less than rent in most areas. Many people who made the transition to a boat found that their costs were about half as much as renting an apartment. That includes the cost of living in a marina. You also have the option to live on a mooring ball for much less or anchor for free.

The Downs – It’s a lot like the choice between renting a house and buying one. If you decide to live on a boat, you have to buy a boat. You’ll gradually make the cost of the boat back in savings but you need the down payment and good credit to finance your purchase. If you’re considering selling your home to pay for the boat, make sure it’s the right decision for you. You don’t want to sell your house and then decide you made a mistake. Start with an overnight yacht rental before you answer the call of the sea with a total life change.

The Romance

Ups – The sea has long provided the setting for romantic novels and served as the venue for many real-life romantic weddings. The idea of living on the water all the time sounds like a great way to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Downs – The reality of living on a boat might not be as romantic as the idea. Also, your significant other could have a different take on the situation altogether. Making the move to a boating lifestyle isn’t a decision one person can make for the other. If you try, it could have the opposite effect from the one you’re hoping for.

Living Space

Ups – You might think you realize how small a boat is but the reality might prove to be more limiting than you expected. The only real advantage to living in the confined space on a boat is there isn’t enough room for junk to collect. If you buy the right size boat for your needs, you should have enough space if you make the effort to optimize what space you have.

Downs – If you have property that you aren’t willing to part with, consider what your options are if you make the move to a boat. Living on a boat doesn’t give you the space you need for your vintage car collection or anything bigger than a stamp collection. There’s also limited personal space on a boat, with virtually no room to ignore another person. To avoid the hostility that tight spaces often cause, consider looking at trawlers instead of sailboats to expand on your space.

The Neighborhood

Ups – People who live at the marina tend to be interesting and entertaining. They typically share a strong sense of community and they enjoy spending time getting to know one another.

Downs – If privacy is super important to you, it may not be the right neighborhood for you. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only person in the world when you’re at sea. Not so much while sitting in the marina. There’s also the issue of neighbors who like things a lot noisier than you do. It only takes one noisy neighbor to impede on your peace and privacy.

The Salty Environment

Ups – There’s just something about the salty smell of the sea that makes you feel better and breathe easier. Living on a boat is a great way to feel at one with nature and enjoy the health benefits of sea salt. Forget seasonal allergies and watery eyes when you mow the lawn. There’s no more mowing and no more allergies around your living space. You even have the chance to spot some dolphins without ever leaving home!

Downs – You’re living on salt water and eventually, some of it is going to find its way inside the boat. Leaky boats not only put everything inside at risk of being ruined, they also invite mold that aggravates sensitive respiratory systems. Many people living on a boat will tell you that leaks tend to happen right over your bunk.

Be prepared to make dehumidifiers and heaters a normal part of your operating process. The worst-case scenario is having a leak severe enough to sink your boat. If dolphin watching is important to you, book an adventure on a luxury catamaran and decide if living on a boat is really the right choice for you. It’s a great way to enjoy time on a boat without the responsibilities or worries that go with ownership.

Beautiful Views

Ups – Imagine waking up every morning to the most beautiful scenic views. End each day watching the sun set behind the ocean. It’s truly a peaceful feeling that helps you unwind from a hectic day.

Downs – The weather isn’t always good and enjoying sunsets from the deck isn’t always an option. Thunderstorms aren’t nearly as exciting for boat dwellers to watch as a colorful sunset. There’s always the worry that the lightning is going to pick your boat for its target.

Severe storms are also a problem. When you live on a boat, there’s no determining which days are best for going out onto the water. You’re always on the water and susceptible to whatever weather comes along.

The simplicity of living on a boat is worth the downs for many people. Still, you need to be realistic about what to expect and weigh the ups against the downs. Never make a decision about moving without testing your sea legs and finding out if the boating lifestyle is right for you.

Contact Adventuress Luxury Catamaran to reserve your place on one of our luxury tours. Enjoy all the ups to life on a boat without the responsibilities that go with living on a boat.